Collection Statistics

I can't imagine that these statistics are interesting to anyone but myself, but I decided to include them nonetheless. All data refers to playing cards and excludes duplicates. The “designers” pie chart excludes unknown designers.

Further down the page you can see my twelve first, latest, costliest, and favourite decks.

I currently own 472 decks of playing cards, and 124 pin badges.


Purchase sources

  • Website 164
  • Kickstarter 153
  • Gift 40
  • eBay 32
  • Patreon 30
  • Reddit 15
  • Messenger 12
  • Other 26

Opened decks

  • Unopened 328
  • Opened 144

First decks

As title name implies, these are the first decks I collected, excluding the Number One I took when I left home!

Latest decks

Flower Moon Clothes
deck of cards
deck of cards

Costliest decks

The first deck in this list, Cartes Indiennes, cost £ 362.82, and the last, Equinox, cost £ 90.59. The average cost of all the decks I own is £ 22.21.

Favourite decks

I think Room 17 will be my favourite deck for a long while to come; the cards themselves are amazing, and I love that the tuck box contains a fantastical story that can be translated.