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I can’t imagine that these statistics are interesting to anyone but myself, but I decided to include them nonetheless. The pie chart figures represent number of decks, and most of the data refers to playing cards I currently own, excluding duplicates.

I also collect pin badges (160), and own other items that came as parts of sets such as coins (26), uncut sheets (10), uncut tuck boxes (12), puzzles (10), booklets (4), badges (6), boxes (5), and miscellaneous items (12).


The 46 decks with unknown designers are not counted.


The 303 decks with no or unknown producers are not counted.

Purchase sources

  • Website 153
  • Kickstarter 127
  • Patreon / subscription 46
  • Gift 41
  • eBay 24
  • United Cardists 11
  • Reddit 9
  • Other 13

Opened decks

I try to open as many decks as I can and, as I reduce my collection to a manageable size, I aim to get this to 100% opened.

  • Unopened 236
  • Opened 161

Deck purchases by year

This chart shows the number of decks purchases each year beginning with 2017 – I purchased the Cult Movie deck in 2014, but didn't start collecting proper until three years later.

Each vertical line represents 50 decks.