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Playing Cards ordered

Apart the obvious of liking good artwork, I also like a good typographical deck, and am a sucker for four-colour decks.

decks as a or

After deciding to no longer buy full sets, and because of storage limitations, I’ve cut back hugely on the amount of decks I order.

Tuck box Deck name Photos available Scans available Listed on Portfolio52 Listed on Deck Collect Listed on World of Playing Cards
Poker deck The Beetle Backs Crimson Edition
Poker deck The Beetle Backs Dynastinæ Edition
Poker deck The Eye of the Ocean Malakim
Poker deck The Eye of the Ocean The Claw
Golden Rule tuck box Golden Rule Photos Portfolio52 Deck Collect
Poker deck Luminosity Lux Edition
Poker deck Matrix Edition 2
Poker deck Mystery III
Poker deck NPCCD 2021
Poker deck NPCCD 2022 Blind Tiger
Poker deck Octofly Rise and Shine
The Planets Neptune tuck box The Planets Neptune macstrat Portfolio52
Poker deck Royal Patrons
Poker deck Sins Blue Mentis Legacy macstrat
Poker deck Sins Red Corpus Legacy macstrat
Poker deck Supernormal Classic
TWI Decennio Soledoro tuck box TWI Decennio Soledoro Portfolio52
Unicorn tuck box Unicorn Photos macstrat Portfolio52 Deck Collect